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NSFW Tumblr!!! Though I don't like that term. In an educated world there would be NOTHING NSFW about any of the posts in my Tumblr blog!!!

The beauty of womankind is infinitely diverse and ever changing, yet certain aspects seem to remain the same.

My particular Tumblr blog isn't really about sex or even eroticism. This is why you won't find photos of men and women in carnal engagement on this blog. My blog is about feminine beauty and how right it really is in so many different views and guises. You'll find I have a strong preference for black and white due to its greater honesty than color provides. I hope you enjoy.

If I follow your Tumblr PLEASE do not automatically consider that to be a compliment. I try to post the largest and highest quality versions of all the photos I find whether here or from elsewhere on the web. If I follow you but you don't see me reblogging your posts, it means you've made seeing the photos you post in the best and easiest possible way a massive pain in the ass!!! I have taken your small, hard-to-get-to photo, searched out a larger and higher quality version, and then posted it without and credit or link back to your Tumblr. If you don't like it then just make your posts bigger, highest possible quality, and simpler to get to.

If you're below your area's legal age to view the material I have here, except the elephant on the trampoline, then you're not my fuckin' problem. You either have the greatest parents in the world who are open, educational, accepting and realistic about the naked human form ...

Or ...

You have the worst parents in the world and deserve an ass-beating for looking at this material, except the elephant on the trampoline.

The only work that I post here that I own will bare my copyright. All other works are owned by their creators or contractors as such.
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